SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask


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Made to last, SuperMask II Horse Fly Mask is a Farnam bestseller for multiple reasons. Available in sizes to fit every horse—from minis to warmbloods—it protects your horse’s sensitive eyes from annoying flies, dust and debris. It also offers a comfortable design that stays in place, thanks to the unique, horse-proof, Double-Latch Closure.

Protects eyes from insects
Won't obstruct vision
Shields eyes from flying dust, dirt and debris
Horse-proof, Double-Latch Closure provides twice the staying power of other masks
Aids healing after eye injury
Provides maximum comfort with no rubbing or harsh abrasion
Soft, sewn-in mesh ears allow horse's ears to move comfortably while protected
Available in sizes: X-Large, Horse, Small Horse/Arabian, Yearling, and Foal
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Directions for Use

Start with throat latch open. Grasp top of mask at ear and forelock opening (for mask with ears, grasp fur at top of mask nearest ears) and gently pull down over horse's ears. Reach under horse's neck and bring the right side of the throat latch over to meet the left side of the closure. The left side of the closure then folds back over to secure closure of the throat latch. Attach snugly, then check for comfort and safety. Adjust if necessary.

Note: When removing, undo the throat latch gently. The ripping sound might startle your horse and make him jump.

For Best Results:

Remove mask nightly and check horse's face and eye condition.
Rinse mask weekly.
Check for trim periodically for trapped burrs or irritating foreign objects.