Ragan & Massey Compare-N-Save Systemic Tree and Shrub Insect Drench

Ragan & Massey

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You work hard to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and strong. But harmful insects like adelgids, aphids, lantern flies, emerald ash borers and Japanese beetles have other ideas. Luckily, this powerful insect-control solution can give your plants the long-lasting protection they need.

One easy application of Systemic Tree & Shrub Insect Drench with 1.47 percent imidacloprid protects plants for 12 months, and the solution is absorbed through the roots, so protection won’t wash off due to rain or regular watering.

Mode of action

The insecticide dissolved in water moves down through the soil, where it is absorbed by the roots. Once absorbed, it moves up through the tree or shrub providing year-long insect protection. This product even moves into new growth after application, thus protecting it, too! To get complete protection, the insecticide must distribute completely through the tree/shrub.

Depending on the size and health of the plant, this may take one week to three months (for very large trees). Rain or water cannot wash off this internal protection.

For use on outdoor trees and shrubs, including listed fruit and nut trees:

Apple Oriental pear Crabapple Pear
Loquat Pecan Mayhaw Quince

DO NOT apply this product, by any application method, to linden, basswood or other Tilia species.

Species Controlled

Adelgids Aphids
Vine weevil larvae (including black vine weevil) Thrips
Japanese beetles (adult) Lacebugs
Lantern flies Sawfly larvae
Leafhoppers (including glassy-winged sharpshooter) Leafminers (including birch leafminers)
Mealybugs Pine tip moth larvae
Psyllids Royal palm bugs
Leaf beetles (including elm leaf beetles and viburnum leaf beetles) Scales (including armored scale [suppression] and soft scale)
Borers: Roundheaded borers (including Asian longhorned beetle and eucalyptus longhorned borer) and Flatheaded (including bronze birch alder and emerald ash borers) Whiteflies

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