Petmate La-Z-Boy Pumice Buddy Cuddler


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Let your dog live life comfortably with a La-Z-Boy® Pumice Buddy Cuddler Dog Bed. Filled with La-Z-Boy's Comfort Signature Blend™, a mixture of conventional orthopedic and memory foam gel, the Buddy Cuddler provides support for your pets' pressure points and back, helping them get a good night's rest. The bolsters filled with Comfort Select™ fibers surrounds your pet with 360° of comfort while providing additional head and neck support and is perfectly sized for larger dogs that like to curl up while they sleep. The super-soft brushed upholstery fabric gives a well-worn, washed down leather look that matches most home decors and will give your dog a comfortable place to rest for years to come. La-Z-Boy trademarks are used under license by Petmate.

  • Sleep surface filled with La-Z-Boy's® exclusive Comfort Signature Blend™ foam, an optimal mix of conventional orthopedic & memory gel foam to provide support for your pet's pressure points & back
  • For additional support, bolsters are filled with La-Z-Boy's premium Comfort Select™ foam with Never-Flat properties that provides superior loft & support
  • Sized for medium to large breeds that like to curl up while they sleep
  • Covered in quality, human-grade upholstery for durability & maximum comfort

The La-Z-Boy Buddy Cuddler caters to dogs with two different sleep styles. Dogs who sleep in The Sprawl position are confident and secure with themselves and their environment and tend to have independent personalities. These types of sleepers sleep well on pillows, sofas, and loungers. The Donut is the most common sleeping position as it conserves body heat. Dogs who sleep in The Donut position usually have protective and reserved personalities and sleep well on any bed - especially cuddlers and loungers with walls to help keep body heat locked in.


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36" L x 33" W x 12" H
Weight Range
Up to 80 lbs.
Product Weight
11.55 LB

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