Jewel Pop Treat Holding Dog Toy


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The Jewel Pop Toy is a fun and durable treat-holding chew toy for dogs. The ring is made from tough nylon and the sparkling jewel is made from sturdy thermoplastic rubber, the same material that makes the soles of your favorite running shoes durable. The Jewel Pop holds an irresistible PetSafe® rawhide treat ring that can be replaced again and again. Simply unscrew the jewel from the post, slip one rawhide treat ring onto the post and screw the jewel back on for long-lasting engagement with a tasty reward! The Jewel Pop Toy comes with 4 PetSafe® rawhide treat rings and refills are available in a variety of flavors. This toy is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning; use the top rack for best results.


  • For dogs over 6 months
  • Durable nylon and rubber toy
  • Includes 4 rawhide treat ring refills
  • Additional treat ring refills available separately
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only

More Information

  • True Love - Your pup will absolutely fall in love with this interactive toy, combining tasty treat rings and chewy textures for long-lasting fun
  • Stay Engaged - No more gnawing on furniture or your favorite shoes; the Jewel Pop is the perfect toy to keep your little chewer's mind and teeth engaged
  • A Sweet Treat - With irresistible flavors like Peanut Butter & Jelly; Bacon; and Turkey, Cranberry & Pumpkin, PetSafe® treat rings are like candy for your canine friend
  • A Gift that Keeps Giving - Treat ring refill packs are available in a variety of tantalizing flavors so your pup can play happily ever after
  • Put a Ring on It - Show your best buddy how much you care; present him with a friendship ring to promise you'll be together forever

Toy Sizing Chart

Toy Size Pet Size Dimensions Treat Ring Size
Small Less than 20 pounds 1.8 in. W x 3.1 in. H A
Medium 20-50 pounds 2.8 in. W x 4.6 in. H B
Large Over 50 pounds 3.7 in. W x 5.8 in. H C

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