Havahart Deer Off 32 Oz. Ready To Use Organic Deer, Rabbit, & Squirrel Repellent


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Get defense from destructive deer with a long-lasting repellent that offers two layers of protection. Deer Off® repels for up to 90 days by triggering both senses of scent and taste, making it double-trouble for deer. What’s more, this patented Dual Deterrent System™ is fast-acting and proven effective in keeping animals away from protected areas.

Patented, dual-deterrent system that effectively repels animals by targeting their keen sense of smell and taste
Weather-resistant formula protects your plants and landscaping from destructive deer, rabbit and squirrel damage for up to 3 months
Safe for use around children and pets when used as directed
Dries odorless to humans and does not leave a visible film or residue on plants

Deer Off®’s first layer of defense is putrescent egg, which repels by scent. To deer, its odor imitates that of a decaying animal, and this warns them of nearby predator activity and causes them to forage elsewhere. The unique second layer is provided by the garlic and hot peppers, which repel by taste. The burning flavors of these ingredients make your plants inedible to deer, causing them to seek food elsewhere.

Deer Off® dries odorless to humans.

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