Bug Ball Starter Kit

Bug Ball

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Kit includes: (2) Bug Balls made from heavy-duty weather-resistant black PVC, (1) 8-ounce brush on can of Catch Em', (2) Inflation needle
It takes 2-3 Bug Balls to effectively cover 1 acre and eliminate yellow flies, horse flies, deer flies, greenhead flies, and more biting insects.
Bug ball is designed to work with Catch Em' sticky coating.
Bug ball works excellent in greenhouses, pool areas, backyards, gardens, animal stables or shelters, orchards, barns, cabins, and many more places.
Every Bug ball has a loop molded on the top that enables you to hang it from a tree or pole with a rope or a shepherd's hook. it is most beneficial to have the ball approximately 4-5 ft off the ground.

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